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Why us?

For success in academics and life the crucial and important option is Learning.

In this generation of Digital World, the way of learning is emerging in a better face and its interlinked with the future career aspects of student. At Apna Sikhshalaya, we nurture the students from root level, and make them ready to stand and succeed in competitive world by staying by their side as mentor.

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Graded Courses and Coaching Service at the Most Affordable Price

Apna Sikshalaya offers Job Oriented Certification Courses with 100% placement guidance.
We also offer coaching at a reasonable price with day-to-day personal guidance.
We conduct Mock test at online and offline basis to check the performance of student on regular basis, so we can focus on the weaker areas on which student are facing.


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Milton Austin

Student of cs

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John Reeves

Teacher of Mca

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Luke Harper

Student of cs

It was a great exprience!


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